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A mooooving experience is more than meets the eye


Some might call it a pointless app, but I call it moooooving!  That’s right Erica Sadun’s app Moo (free) is an iPhone / iPod Touch version of the old school “moo box” open up the app and you see the image on the left, turn your iPhone upside down and out comes the moo.  After goofing around with this app for a bit I found I could actually make a pretty good Formula One gear shifting sound if I shook my iPhone. 

A few readers might be thinking right about now that I must be getting loopy working on my dissertation writing a review of something so banal.  Like a number of things I discover for the iPhone there’s more to Sadun's app for parents, teachers and the apt pediatrician since this is actually one of four classic early diagnostic hearing tests for infants and toddlers introduced by Lucien Moatti and bearing his name The Moatti Test.  Bet you didn't think something as simple as a moo box, even for your iPhone, could be so important for evaluating a childs hearing.

The only thing that could possibly make Moo better?  Why the addition of the remaining three sounds; sheep, cat and bird.

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