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Maine / Mac the way life should be

I've written before about the State of Maine's laptop initiative and Apple's role.  Well this past week Maine held it's first public sale of used iBooks, and to my surprise I found the first wave of MacBooks will soon be available for the next sale (date TBA) for $400 each, a bargain and you can bet I'll be in line when this sale gets going.  


All this relationship with Maine and Apple really keeps me wondering - just how long it will be before the schools start to take advantage of the m-Learning potential with the iPhone or iPod Touch?  I just can't wait and that's why I started an experiment with my son, what can a 7 year old do with an iPhone?  While computer skills are clearly essential for students, and I think progressive programs like this in Maine will pay dividends in the years to come as these kids move from students to business owners and employee's, I think an even more golden opportunity awaits those who embrace mobile learning.  

If you want to find out when Maine will be having its next public auction or walk in sale, click here, and keep reading iPhone Life.


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