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Lucky Day is good karma

A new twist on the old ‘Magic 8” ball is Lucky Day! ($1.99) from Silver Lining Ideas, Inc.  This app is as straight forward as they come, turn it on and you're greeted by Ka Ching the Panda who invites you to shake your iPhone and make a wish.  Will your wish come true?  Well that's between you and Ka Ching. Really there's nothing more to this app.  Or is there?

To me the real story behind Lucky Day is also tied into karma.  How you might ask?

Well, philanthropic mobile applications developer and publisher Steve Cobb, president and co-founder, Silver Lining Ideas has stated that “Like all of our apps, 25% of revenues from Lucky Day will be donated to animal rescue organizations to help find homes for our furry friends.  So, for $1.99 you will get a glimpse of the future and good karma too!”

 For readers of this Blog you'll know that I recently adopted a rescued Mini Schnauzer named Martha, she was rescued from a horrible puppy mill by a rescue outfit called the Friends of Homeless Animals and a local Maine tattoo artist and humanitarian Hanna Sandstrom BartonMartha has come a long way, and I hope she'll be able to go a lot further in finding some peace in this world.  From my perspective, every little bit helps when it comes to helping others - including our four legged friends. 

So, in honor of this app developer and all those animials in need of rescue I'll be giving away two free codes to download this app to two lucky readers of this blog who respond with a compelling story of how they have or will help animals in need.  Obviously this is about generating good karma, so keep it honest and keep it polite.

The winners will be determined by me and all decisions are final.  For readers who don't win, there's still good karma in it for you!

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