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The iPhone Life Project October 2009

Kelen continues to work with his iPhone, his favorite game is EA's (.99) Spore which has led to a number of interesting and exciting creations.  For example, Spore inspired his creation of his own monsters, and then back to creating visually interesting and sometimes intense images with his iPhone. 

This month he has has been using the camera quite a bit and experimenting with Pinger, Inc’s app (free) Doodle Buddy. We both selected this app because of its price and relative ease of use.  Kelen caught on quickly and was quickly able to freehand draw and then realized he could insert an image of his mother, shortly after that he began to improvise using the installed emoticons and freehand a series the last one “they see” is rather haunting to me.

He then started to experiment with perspective on his own.  If you’re wondering how he got his iPhone in his mouth, well rest easy parents - he didn’t.  What he did was spontaneous and brilliant, he simply took some fake Halloween teeth he had in his toy box and placed them in front of the camera and started shooting!  Remember this is from a 7 year old, imagine what he might do with some formal training.

I just finished loading some of Kelen's latest photographs taken with his iPhone and edited by him using Doodle Buddy, click here to view them.

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