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The iPhone 3G, Blackberry Storm, and Angola Connection

So where exactly is Angola, other than somewhere on the African Continent?  To answer this question I turned to my trusty 3G and quickly downloaded  Ganesh Thambiran's app Countries Of The World Lite (free) to find out a few facts about Angola, which I discovered has a population of some 17 million people, and is roughly twice the size of Texas.  

So what does the iPhone 3G and Blackberry Storm have to do with Angola?  Well this question comes up because I noticed while checking the stats for the video blog I recently posted comparing the keyboard and calendar functions of the iPhone 3G and Blackberry Storm is evidently a hit in Angola. 

By the way, I didn't really go to Angola to answer this question, our Publisher Hal Goldstein wouldn't foot the bill and my wife would leave me if I ever did something like that, but the question remains, why is my video blog of interest in Angola? 

If you're one of our readers/viewers in Angola why not let me know what you liked or didn't like about my video and why it was of interest.


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