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How Sirius is Alien Strike?


Alien Strike (.99) by Red Crystal Studio is an app I thought I’d give a try since it struck me as kind of retro looking, cheap and probably not too hard to master.  Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

The idea of the game is simple enough, pilot your flying saucer through the gauntlet of hills and overhangs, avoiding or shooting the other ships, and houses while gathering some bonus points by flying into them. 

Back to the retro look, it looks suspiciously like Sirius – a genre I love... hmmmm. 

Ouch.  I cannot get the hang of this thing.  Your saucer moves up and down by tapping on the screen, and you shoot by lifting you finger off the trigger and drop bombs by sliding your finger down.  Hmmm a bit too counter intuitive for me to get this maneuver down on the iPhone screen. I think this game was really designed for the arcade or at least a Colecovision joystick.

If you’re a hardcore old school video game player, you’ll probably like this one.  As for me I wish the controller were more joystick like, moved 360 with your thumb to guide the saucer and use the other thumb for shooting or dropping bombs.

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