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How to replace your iPhone 2G LCD

Nothing lasts forever, a couple weeks back, just after my wife had a bout with the flu my sons iPhone 2G (the one I rebuilt) screen went out, pitch black.

What did I do?  Well I decided to rebuilt it again, but this time as opposed to replacing just the LCD/digitizer I also replaced the mid-board since I found a Hong Kong dealer selling the whole kit and kaboodle at a decent price on ebay.  Taking the 2G apart is fairly easy once you pop the back case off.  It's reconnecting the main board to the mid board/LCD which can be tricky unless you know the right way to do it.  You can certainly figure it by trial and error but why stress out over that when you can just watch me.

The real trick to reattaching the main board to the mid board is standing the midboard on its head with the mainboard folded ontop of the battery.  Watch my video to see what I mean.

With a few tools, a little preparation, time and patience I think just about anyone can rebuild their 2G.      

If you would like to see how to get the back cover off your iPhone 2G, replace its battery or some of the other parts let me know, I'll put up a tutorial like this one. 

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