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Google to create web TV. Yeah right.

I expect innovation, not regurgitation from Google.  While enthusiastic about Google's deal with AdMob finally going through, I'm less than impressed with their new proclamation of partnering with Sony for a Google web TV.  Don't get me wrong, I love Google and Sony, but talk about being late to the party.

Why am I annoyed?  Aside from Google wanting to do things other than what they're really, really good at?

There's an assertion in the news by Google that Apple and Yahoo failed to bring us web TV.  Oh really?!  Granted, in name, Apple TV has been just short of a flop, but this does not mean that Apple failed to bring internet content to TV, in fact this is such a preposterous notiion I'll let my seven year old son explain. 

The real question should be, will TV survive?  Heck, I've got MobiTV (free) on my iPhone, which of course has YouTube.  Google, see any similarity?  Google may see the writing on the wall, but they've got little to do with it, this is being hammered away at by the iPad right now.  To me it looks like we're on the edge of a paradigm shift, whether Apple keeps a hold of it's current lead who knows, but they've let the giant entertainment/education/commerce genie out of the bottle. 

If you don't happen to have a set up like I have, feel free to drop a line, it's easier than attaching your iPhone to a TV.

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