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For a good Fling call CandyCane


What can I say, CandyCane Inc’s Fling (.99) is an awesome app! Though I have almost no time to myself, I often find when I’m stuck trying to solve a problem at work, or with my dissertation, I’ll sort of mindlessly open up Fling and start playing – after awhile I get my mind back into problem solving mode and put it away – so far I’ve made it to level 7. 

How the game works is you choose the mode (style) of game and the level of difficulty you want to start with, lets say easy, and you’re given a 7 x 8 grid (actually turf) starting with three Fling critters which can be flicked by your finger along the grid in a straight line, only.  The object is to bump other critters off the board until you have none left.  As you might be imagining now, the more of these critters there are scattered around the grid the more challenging it becomes to bump them off since you have to look ahead many moves.  I love it!

It would not be unfair to say it follows in the footsteps of other classic problem solving games like Tetris, or even Chess, albeit with fuzzy little ball type electronic critters. 

It is very hard to go wrong with this game, it’s addictive, it’s inexpensive, it’s well laid out on the screen.  If you’re the type of person who’s not into the shoot-em-up type games and want something more oriented towards exercising your brain, this is a great app!

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