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Free Little Runner

Just your price, for a limited time Red Rocket Games Little Runner is free!

Little Runner is a fun little stick figure app where you have to navigate a series of obstacles like columns, boulders, sticks and bamboo and you have to use a variety of finger swipes to pound things down, crush them, cut them, blow out fire and so on. It’s an addictive little game, but be forewarned that is harder than it first appears because your little runner is constantly moving across the screen. If you don’t pound down the columns your runner runs into them or if you pound them down too far your runner will fall to their death in the hole.  

Ooops I punded the column down too far!

You can also burn in fires as well as run into other objects which you must remove with specific finger swipes (this would actually be a good app for teaching children or older adults how to use the iPhone i.e. learning finger swipes) it gets pretty challenging. Other things which make the game a bit hard at first is the learning that after you press play, you actually have to swipe your finer down the left side of the screen to make the game load.

But have no doubt this is a fun game and it does help you learn how to use your iPhone’s touch screen.  At this price, give Little Runner a try.


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