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The flies have it

You would think living in Maine with all the blackflies, ticks and mosquitos biting and buzzing around I'd be sick of slapping them all the time, but introduce Fly-flap (.99) and yup, I'm addicted.

The game is literally about slapping flies. The audio is kind of funny too. I like the graphics, since there's something almost surreal about their look - not lifelike but not really cartoonish either.

The game is simple, in each level the more flies you slap, feed to spiders, the more point bubbles you can slap and the faster you can do it all without hitting the toxic beetles scampering around the screen the better your score. As is all the rage these days the game is also Open Feint so you can compete with people around the world and see how you stack up to other fly swatters.  You have an option for game modes of arcade or campaign mix up the variety of ways you might do battle with the onslaught of flies.

This is not a thinking mans game... it's just good-ole fun while you're waiting for something else.


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