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Call anyone in the US from anywhere in the world absolutely FREE on your iPad


Do you Whistle (free)?  I guess I'm still a bit tongue tied with my latest VoiP app for the iPad, yes you're hearing me right a VoiP phone for the iPad (and other devices too).

 The WhistlePhone Service is interesting for a number of reasons; 1) it designed an app for the iPad, 2) it utilizes an add you have to listen to before each call to make your voip call free in the US, or from anywhere else to the US.

Let me start off with the bad, the call quality can be very fickle.  Though in my testing it was the receiving number which had a hard time hearing, on my iPad everything was loud and clear.  You have to listen to an add for a business, between (15 to 23 seconds) before your call goes through - innovative, yes  But annoying, yes. It assigns your Whistle number from Nebraska area codes.  Hope they have a lot of numbers there.

So what's good about it?

This is a free VoiP phone that works on your iPad!

In all seriousness, for people interested in Voip for their iPad this thing has potential (albiet down the road) the interface is clean, it integrates all your contacts, including in my case all my company contacts through our company exchange server. It is sized correctly for the iPad, big plus.  The link to the WhistlePhone website works well, it's easy to set up your account, it can link multiple numbers.  After listening to an add your continental US call is free to land lines, cell phones, etc.

Any readers, bloggers out there want to do an experiment? 

Here's my Whistle number (402) 218-4504.

Call me and tell me what you think, for real...  let's see if this app is a keeper or should be tossed overboard.  I really can't tell without some reader help.

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