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Apple hints at wifi fix

Apple has finally hinted at a wifi fix for the iPad http://bit.ly/cvWaXd despited dragging their feet regarding it being a problem with the iPad. Currently the official fix from Apple is to basically check and reset your router... Hmmm the dozens of wireless systems I've been on over the past month can't all be set up wrong. For anyone not experiencing this problem, basically when you have a known strong wifi signal e.g. your next to the router, or your iPhone (or any other device) has a full signal but your iPad has just the bottom dot in your wifi signal indicator, that's an indication you too are having the problem. The only "sort of" fix I've found is to hold my iPad vertical and not lay it down or I risk loss of signal. Come on Apple do the right thing and give us a fix. -- Post From John Painter's iPad
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