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Apple to compete with Hulu, Zillion, TVu?

The web is a buzz with information that Apple may further develop iTunes into a monthly $30 subscription service for TV and movies as reported in Forbes today.  Peter Kafka of All Things Digital indicates multiple sources indicate that Apple may be ready to take on the likes of Hulu and Zillion and tap into the growing trend of people's viewing habits shifting from traditional TV or cable and towards the internet. 

As one of the people who uses Apple as the backbone of their home media/communication system this service would make things very interesting.  I currently use a Mac Mini to watch TVu, Hulu and other such services.  I'm also a beta tester for Zillion TV, which is very similar to Apple TV, and I'm afraid may not fair much better unless they can streamline their OS and be a bit more Hulu and TVu like.

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