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Andorama iPhone Photo Contest

There's a new iPhone photography contest being hosted by Andorama Camera of New York, aptly named the iPhone Photo Contest.  Already there are some interesting creations showing up, I've even uploaded a couple of mine.  You still have a couple weeks to get your work in, but remember all the photo's must be shot on an iPhone and if you do any editing it must be on your iPhone with the growing list of iPhone apps.  For example, my favorites are ProCamera (2.99), SketchBook Mobile($2.99) and PS Mobile (free).

What can you do with your iPhone's camera?  Take a look at these two I shot awhile back on my 2G. 

The Girogi Gallery is also having an exhibition, The Art of the iPhone, at its gallery in Berkley and on line.  What is most important with both of these shows is that they are exclusive to the iPhone and its apps, and of course for me, having fun is the bottom line.




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