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iPhone/iPod Touch Plays MIDI

Welcome to my new blog here at iPhoneLife.com. It’s about all things iPhone and Music. After writing an article for this past spring’s print edition of the magazine, I realized that things are moving so quickly in iPhone app development that dealing with the long lead time print requires would mean missing out on cool new entries. So time to start blogging!

For me, the newest and coolest music app is MidiPlayer ($6.99) by Garren Langford, as it appears to be the first app that can load and play Standard MIDI Files (.mid) with a sound set that aligns with the General MIDI specifications. Files can be loaded from a variety of sources including uploading from your computer via WiFi. Features include key change by half steps (tracks can be easily transposed by octave, too), patch change, reverb control, mixer with mute and solo, and piano roll view.

While there are some glaring omissions (tempo control is #1 on my list) and audio quality issues, this is a great first step for the platform and I applaud Mr. Langford for the work he has done so far. I’m looking forward to the next version!

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