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Sneak Peek at iPhone Apps

Touch Pets, a new iPhone appThe Wall Street Journal has a story covering some of the new functionality expected in the next generation of iPhone apps. 

Among the 1,000 or so new functions that will be available to developers, the virtual keyboard that appears when the iPhone is held in landscape mode might be the most useful. Those of us with large fingers and thumbs will make fewer mistakes on our e-mail messages when the new system is released sometime this summer, they say.

Find it here: online.wsj.com/article/SB123980962988921409.html

Music is another area the article explores. Connecting with others to play a duet with your iPhone sounds like participatory entertainment at its most interactive.

Health apps will be enhanced, too. The addition of a wireless heart-rate monitor to the Pedometer app from Luminant Software (currently $2.99 from the App Store) would give this walker a reason to toss all those mechanical pedometers in the junk drawer.

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