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Digitize your life for better convenience with 1Card.


Digitize your life for better convenience with 1Card.
1Card is a unique solution to a common problem: having a loyalty card or gift card at every store under the sun. This iOS app allows you to photograph a picture of the loyalty card's bar code and have it stored in a digital format on your phone for easy retrieval and scanning at the cash register, allowing you to lighten the load of your wallet and your keychain. 
The 1Card app is completely free to download from the iOS App Store and available on iPods, iPhones, and iPads, so you can continue saving money at any store with a loyalty card. 
Plus, with 1Card, you can scan gift cards, too. I've left gift cards at home many times and wished I had them when it came time to pay. With 1Card, just take a picture of the card and save it in your digital wallet, and you'll always have it on your mobile device, which you carry with you all the time.
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