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Top 3 Free Apps Scoop of the Week: May 10, 2013

As new iOS apps flood the App Store every day, we know it’s tough to tell which ones are worth their salt. But thanks to our Weekly Scoop, you can have the best for free! Here you’ll find a weekly roundup of the coolest apps free or at a discount for a limited-time only. Each week features the best and brightest from websites like Free App Report, AppsGoneFree, appsfire, and more.

Hurry! Get 'em while they’re hot!

1. Snoop Dogg's Snoopify Sticker Camera! (FREE)


Take pictures of your friends and turn them into Snoop Dogg themed awesomeness! Just choose the photo you wish to Snoopify, pop open the trunk, and pick a sticker pack. Then decorate your photo with the stickers and scale, flip, and rotate to your heart’s content before sharing your creation with your friends on Facebook Twitter, and Instagram.

2. Light Effects Pro ($1.99 from $2.99)


Because everything is better with glitter, this app helps you add a touch of fancy to all your photos. Add cool effects like rainbows, hearts, stars, and sparkles to your favorite pictures, and share them on your social media channels.


3. Joke Camera ($0.99)


Hilarity ensues as you turn normal every day photos into hilarious masterpieces! With this app, you can add a UFO, monster, dinosaur, or ghost to the photo, and freak out all your friends. Just make sure you’ve got an outrageous story to go along with it, and you’ll be golden!

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