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Top 3 Free Apps of the Week: April 12, 2013

As new iOS apps flood the App Store every day — recently topping 775,000 — we know it’s tough to tell which ones are worth their salt. But thanks to our Weekly Scoop, you can have the best for free! Here you’ll find a weekly roundup of the coolest apps free or at a discount for a limited-time only. Each week features the best and brightest from websites like Free App Report, AppsGoneFree, Appsfire, and more.

Hurry! Get 'em while they’re hot!

1. RealCover (Free from $1.99) 

This app has huge potential for hilarity. Imagine snapping a pretty awesome People of Walmart style picture and you’re dying to share it on Facebook. But wait! You know what would be even better? Putting it on the cover of a magazine! With nearly 100 industry magazines to choose from, you can customize your photo just how you want it.

2. FaceCount (Free from $0.99) 

Does it irk you not knowing when people have un-friended you on Facebook?

With this app, you can keep track of who's deleted you on Facebook as well as see who' started a new account, deactivated an old one, or just joined. And don't worry, this app doesn't post to Facebook for you, so you're totally on the down-low. You’ll have the 4-1-1 and people will be none the wiser. Hey, I see you un-friending me! What gives, bro?

3. EveryMove (Free) 

If you live an active lifestyle, you’re going to love this one! Finally an app that rewards you for living healthfully! EveryMove tracks your everyday activities and generates points that turn into rewards from supporting brands! Whether you ride your bike, walk your dog, or clean your house, any kind of activity counts! Just one more reason to stay motivated!

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