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Top 3 App Deals of the Week

As new iOS apps flood the App Store every day—recently topping 900,000—we know it’s tough to tell which ones are worth their salt. But thanks to our Weekly Scoop, you can have the best for free! Here you’ll find a weekly roundup of the coolest apps free or at a discount for a limited-time only. Each week features the best and brightest from websites like Free App Report, AppsGoneFreeappsfire, and more.

Hurry! Get 'em while they’re hot!

1. Haunting Melissa (FREE)

Something really creepy is happening on your iPhone! Activate your push notifications and receive bits of Melissa’s story, little by little, when you least expect it. This app is from the producer of The Ring and Mulholland Drive, so you know the story is gonna be a good one!



2. Gvidi (FREE)

With this app, you’ll find your personal guide to cafés and restaurants that suit your personal taste. With Gvidi, you can see restaurant and café photos and reviews, rate places, and leave comments and pictures. If you’re looking for a place to eat, Gvidi will find one for you based on your personal preferences. Stop driving around trying to figure out where to eat. Gvidi has you covered!



3. Audubon Insects and Spiders ($2.99 from $9.99)

This is a terrific North American field guide with comprehensive descriptions and photos of more than 500 insects and spiders. With this app, you never have to ask “GAH! What IS that thing?!?” again.  You can just whip out your app and look it up!

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