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Top 3 App Deals of the Week

As new iOS apps flood the App Store every day — recently topping 900,000 — we know it’s tough to tell which ones are worth their salt. But thanks to our weekly scoop, you can have the best for a bargain! Here you’ll find a weekly roundup of the coolest free or discounted apps for a limited-time only. Each week features the best and brightest from websites like Free App Report, AppsGoneFreeappsfire, and more.

Hurry! Get 'em while they’re hot!


1. Catbearder (FREE from $0.99)

Here’s your daily dose of silly! Add feline facial hair, hats, frames, and pipes to a picture of you or a friend and let the laughter begin! You can share the photos you create on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or emailed for maximum fun. 


2. Split- Fair Bill Splitting ($0.99 from $1.99)

Just about all of us have had the experience of going out to eat with friends and ending up feeling like you paid way more than your share. With this fantastic-looking app, you can fix that problem very easily with just a few taps of your finger. The app does the rest, calculating what each person owes including tax and tip. Don’t ever fight over the bill again!


3. House Photo Locator (FREE from $6.99)

Finding a photo of a house has never been so fun! Just type the house or street address into the app, and a photo of the house and nearby streets will appear on your screen. It also can be fun to use when you’re just curious what somebody’s house looks like. Not that any of us here would ever be such a creeper… ahem.

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