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Protect Your Serious Gear with a Serious Case from Pelican

At iPhone Life, we get the opportunity to review a lot of iPhone cases, and iPad cases, for that matter. But as great as an iPad is, there are times when I need to travel with my MacBook and frankly, that MacBook is more valuable and harder to replace than an iPad. After all, an iPad has easy-to-restore backups in iCloud and with my iTunes ID and password, I can quickly restore to a new device. But as an app developer, my MacBook is my primary means of content creation, so it needs to be protected.

Fortunately, Pelican has released the ProGear case for 13" Ultrabook Laptops. Like many of their other cases, it offers waterproof rugged hardshell protection. The case is waterproof to one meter for 30 minutes, has adjustable pads to accommodate a variety of laptops, and an optional shoulder strap. I would prefer a more comfortable padded strap, and perhaps a handle to hold it like a briefcase, but you could just shorten the slack on the strap and use it as a handle.

I like that the Pelican case is adjustable so when you get a new MacBook or other Ultrabook you can continue to use the case. It's a great "eco" story because not only can you reuse the case, but by protecting your gadget, you are keeping that computer out of the landfill and in use to live another day!



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