AudiOffice will enhance your calls, and your conference room

When I first saw the product name, AudiOffice, I was expecting a mobile office for an Audi automobile! But don't let the name fool you. AudiOffice is an elegant, well-built, well-designed Bluetooth speakerphone system for your office.

The AudiOffice connects to your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth, but there's also a traditional 30 pin connector for the previous generation of iPhones.

When you plug in a compatible iPhone, you can use the Invoxia companion app. That app lets you turn the iPhone into a conference room speakerphone.

When you consider that it works with apps like Skype, you an even use an iPod touch or iPad as your conference room speakerphone device!

I would prefer a built in Lightning connector, but perhaps that will come in time. The good news is you can use Apple's 30pin to Lightning adapter to make your newer iOS devices compatible with the AudiOffice. And, as mentioned earlier. You can always use Bluetooth, but then you give up use of the special app.

The device itself provides great audio quality, either through the built-in speaker which runs the length of the device, or via the integrated coiled handset. My wife is paranoid when it comes to cell phone radiation, so the handset provides a nice way to talk without holding the cellphone to your ear.

An optional clip can hold an iPad or iPhone 5 in the rear of the AudiOffice, if the 30 pin dock is not an option.

The unit's white plastic, magnets, and metal components are solidly put together. The design has, deservedly, won awards, and the unit would look right at home in an Apple store, or the Museum of Modern Art for that matter.

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