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WWDC14: Smarter Homes Thanks to HomeKit

As expected, Apple introduced HomeKit, a platform to standardize new and existing home automation systems. They didn't announce any new hardware, but that's probably for the best. Rather than stifle competition, HomeKit can help encourage competing vendors like Lowes, Schlage, Google's Nest and others by making it easy to work together. Lights, locks, thermostats, garage door openers from different manufacturers can now be controlled by Siri or third-party apps, as long as the devices leverage iOS 8 and HealthKit.


Secure pairing can also help if you're concerned that neighbors, passersby, or just your kids could intrude on your home automation with their own iOS device. It's one thing to be able to turn on your lights, but to open your door would be unacceptable! Scenes can automate the entire environment; so lights, thermostats, switches, and more can be integrated and activated by selecting "bedtime" or better yet, telling Siri to "go to bed!"

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