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Apple News: Sir Jony Ive Knighted in the UK, Now Honored in the US

Sir Jony Ive, already a British Knight, is now being honored stateside for his work on design, or at least he will be on October 30th. The New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has always had an affinity for Apple's designs, so it's only fair that the head of design at Apple get his due from the San Francisco MoMA.

Ive has made no secret of his being influenced by Braun's Dieter Rams, also a staple of the SF Museum of Modern Art. The iPhone's original calculator app looked remarkably like the Braun design, and one of their recent watchfaces allegedly infringed on a famous railroad clock, leading to a licensing deal. Ive has made his mark not only in Apple hardware, but with iOS 7 as he was recently appointed head of design for not just hardware but all Apple products.

Braun calculator

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