Let's Create! Pottery HD: Turn App Designs into Real-Life 3D Sculptures!

I've written about Sculpteo before, which lets you order custom 3D printed cases and accessories from its app. But its latest effort takes its capabilities a step further, which lets you create virtual works of art and then order real-life equivalents!

The app, Let's Create! Pottery HD ($4.99) is a partnership of Sculpteo with Infinite Dreams, letting you create artwork and generate it in 3D.

Let's Create! Pottery stands on its own as a fun, beautifully-designed app, which my kids have used for some time. 

There are challenges to meet in order to earn revenue in the app, which in turn allows you to unlock brushes, colors, materials, and patterns so you can make more impressive designs. If you're impatient, you can use in-app purchases to unlock features.

When you've created something you want to own in real life, you order it, through the "print" option in the app. You pay using real dollars, naturally, and the circle is complete! Life imitates art!

3D printing is in the news a lot these days, so it's nice to see a positive, artistic application of the technology!

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