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WINNERS! iPhone Life's Bi-Weekly Weekend Giveaway 3-25-13

Thanks to everyone who entered iPhone Life's Bi-Weekly Weekend Giveaway! We received entries from 539 people in 29 different countries this week! And we gave away 28 apps and 2 accessories! 

And the winners are... (drumroll please): Anthony U, Paul R, Elaine W, Alan L, Mark S, Terry K, Frank V, Roger M, Marijke B, Kalen L, Bob C, Stanley S, David W, George Z, Derek P, Dwayne L, Low K, James S, Robyn B, Charles M, Stephanie W, Dhananjaya R, Vladimir G, Ranita V, Joanne A, Carl B, Hayet W, Sergio L, Peter M, Himanshu R!


If you see your name but didn't receive an e-mail, please check your spam folder. 

Didn't win this week? No worries! Visit iphonelife.com/giveaways for the chance to win apps and accessories in the next giveaway round:

iSkin Claro (iPhone 5) Retail Price $29.99

When it comes to pure beauty, nothing compares to the iSkin Claro for iPhone 5. Made with ultra-transparent polycarbonate and specially coated for an anti-scratch finish, the Claro’s low-profile design protects with near invisibility. For a hint of color and a sleek look, the Claro SE personalizes with subtle beauty.

 Finger Flair

Finger Flair combines music, art, and science in one relaxing experience. Use all your fingers to guide the star flow. You can create 10 different animations depending on the number of fingers touching the screen. With Finger Flair you can also make some Amazing Wall paper for your iPad and iPhone.
Write quick and beautiful notes, Audio and text notes, Several themes with different background and text color, Emoji support, Multiple ways to export your notes. 
Convert your iPad into a powerfull CRM application with the ability to scan U.S. and Canada issued IDs, such as a Driver's License. Ideal for lead capture, mobile marketing, access control, age verification, etc. Upload your own logo, sign forms, capture images, export to Excel, etc.
Users love postUP. It's a fun and simple way to post beautiful status messages on Facebook, amazing tweets on Twitter, and colorful text messages.
Questions or comments? E-mail Chris@iphonelife.com.
Good Luck and remember to visit iphonelife.com/giveaways to enter! The next contest is April 8th! 




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