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Review of MotionX-GPS Lite gps application. Not too useful, but looks great!

MotionX is not like other gps loggers I have reviewed for biking or running, but I I thought I would have a look at it anyway.  Sweeeett looking app!

MotionX is more useful for motorcycling or driving in my opinion then biking unless you are on a long or particularly complicated ride. The cool feature here is setting way points.  You do not get turn by turn, but you could set those up ahead of time.  I downloaded and played with the lite version and thus could not create my own way points, but I can see the power of the app someday.

What I really like about this app, and why I write a review, is the UI.  Mmmm.. Cool stuff.  All you other GPS apps out there, have a look at how these guys designed their interface and take notes. Ok, enough chat, on to the screen shots. :)

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