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Goodbye Steve

As you all know by now, Steve Jobs passed away today, Oct 5th 2011. I wanted to make a quick comment here. I was never an Apple fanboy. I'm probably the only person who writes mostly about the iPhone and yet uses a PC more than a Mac. However, I wanted to say that today, I have to give my respects to a man who did more to bring the concept of elegance and grace to tech devices than anyone else in history.

I go into it more here, RIP Steve, your work was an exercise in grace.

When I first started using the iPhone, I experienced what many fanboys talk about: A device where everything 'just works'. The iPhone was powerful, yes, but it was more than that. It was an elegant device that did things in a beautiful way. In a way that made you enjoy using it. Even the unboxing was a pleasure. Many people, myself included, would carefully store away the empty box. I do this with all my Apple products now.  Because it's art. Even the adverts that started with the iPod, was art.

RIP in Steve, I'll never be a fanboy, but I understand what you were trying to do, and you did it extremely well.

Image by lessplasticplease

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