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Fake Steve Jobs wants to attack AT&T. Bad idea. But here's a good one..

markthespotI'm not sure how many of you know about this, but Dan Lyons (the fake Steve Jobs) was trying to get people to attack AT&T by having a tons of people run a heavy data application, like uploading video, or downloading a really large file, all at the same time.  BTW, this is also known as a DNS attack (Denigal of Service).  It was called Operation Chokehold.  Now, after quite a bit of negative reaction (no surprise), he posted up saying it was a joke that got out of hand.  Yea right, maybe.  But Ryan Ritchey from The Digital Lifestyle came up with what I think is a pretty good idea.  We can still have a protest but instead of bringing the system down and thus pissing off a lot of other users, we can collect useful information about where the deadspots are.  Welcome to Operation Feedback. Instead of a DNS attack on AT&T, we should instead use the iphone app Mark The Spot app (by AT&T funny enough) to report every instance of any dropped call or interruption.  We'll see what happens on Friday.

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