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A cool iphone battery shell that feels like a normal shell

Its conference season and the same two things happen to me at EVERY conference..  First; at some point, the wifi will go down and normally JUST as I need it which makes iphone tethering a MUST and Second; my iphone will run out of battery.

I solve this by carring an extra battery... when I remember to take it with me... and remember to charge it.  I know I can get a battery case, but they make the phone too big for me. So I got my hands on the sun-plugged iphone battery case and decided to give it a try.  Its not dramatically smaller then any other case I have seen, but it crosses that line where it feels like a normal iphone case.  And that makes a differnece. I used it all day and night during web 2.0 and I think I took it down only 50% and the iphone was still fully powered.  Pretty good.  Its $60 so pretty typical in price.  I now have a new case for my iphone and no longer need to worry about remembering to take (much less keep charged) my spare battery.

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