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Adobe is back at work creating a publish to iOS for CS5, but it may take awhile

As Jim posted yesterday, Apple has changed their policy on 3rd party compilers for creating iOS apps.  This of course is great news especially for the hords of actionscript programmers out there that never made the leap to CoCo. But do not expect it too soon. As mentioned in a seperate post yesterday on Adobe returning to work, we may not see the plugin released all that soon.  The issue is many of the people that worked on that project have left and some of them have already formed new companies. Adobe must get a new crop of programmers up to speed or somehow tempt back the people that worked on the project in the first place.

Either way all new code will need to be created to support the changes that were brought about by iOS4 and its variants.  Hopefully it will not take too long and we will see many of our loved flash web games ported to ipad / iphone.  Line Rider anyone?  :)

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