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My name is Zach Veach. I like to consider myself a techie, but my profession is racing (in addition to being a high-school Junior!). I race for Andretti Autosport in INDYCAR’s “Mazda Road to Indy” developmental ladder system. Currently I am in between the USF2000 National Championship Series and the Star Mazda Championships Series on my way to the IZOD IndyCar Series and Indianapolis 500 in just a few years. At only 16-years-old, I am currently one of the youngest licensed race car drivers in the country. This season I finished fourth in points, finishing in the top-10 in all my races. It has been quite a ride for me over the past several years. With my ambition and hard work, I hope to race in the Indianapolis 500 sooner rather than later. Racing is my passion, but I’ve always also had a significant interest in technology.

Earlier this year, I created an app for the Android Market called urTXT as a part of my effort to stop distracted driving. When a person is driving, they can set the app to respond to any texts during the drive. Similar to an away message, when the driver receives a text, the app automatically sends back a message that has been selected or created, stating that the recipient is driving and will return the text later. I got a lot of great feedback on urTXT (currently only available on the Android Market) and I’m now in the phases working on a complete makeover for it. Being my first app, I decided maybe with a lot of hard work my calling could go beyond racing. Maybe I’ve got something here with technology. Not long after, I established my app building company, ZaAPP, LLC.

Racing is my life, so finding out that NASCAR sponsor Sprint will be carrying the iPhone by the end of the year was very exciting for me. It’s just so incredible to see the progression that the iPhone has taken in this country. It started off so exclusively with AT&T and has since been the number one single model smartphone in the world. Once it makes the jump to Sprint next month, all three major mobile carriers in the United States will offer it. I’d say that’s a pretty big deal. Now, though I am not a Sprint customer myself, I have enough respect for the brand to know that with its unlimited data plan (rivaling Verizon and AT&T’s limited plan), it is going to be significant hit in this third sector. If you don’t have a smartphone, now is the time to choose iPhone! Between the three carriers, there are so many options to choose from.

With my hectic traveling schedule with racing, I had to switch to K12 online school, and I can’t begin to say how many tests I have taken on my iPhone; I have even wrote a report about America Literature from the keypad of my iPhone while I waited for a flight in a airport. The iPhone revolution has changed the way people work while on the go…and play; who doesn’t love Angry Birds?! We all owe Steve Jobs a big thank you!

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