Grand theft auto


Hey guys the moment we have all been waiting for. GRAND THEFT AUTO 3 IS HERE IN THE USA RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW (for iOS). It supports the iPad 1 and 2, iPhone 4 and 4S and iPod Touch 4 (so all Apple's iOS devices with an A4 processor or better!) I am really eager to try this game out and I am sure me or another iPhone lifer will be sure to post a review of the game ASAP! it is sort of hidden in the AppStore so here is a link to it


If you have any first impressions of it, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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am a high school student in Virginia with an iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and our family is all Apple with our computers. I hope someday to get a job closely involved with computers or Apple. I also occasionally review apps on my iOS and OSX app review website