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Star Trek PADD - First Look


I picked up the $4.99 iPad app, Star Trek PADD, when it was released. I am a huge fan of Star Trek. So I was eager to give PADD a try.


PADD Home Screen



I have only spent a short amount of the time with PADD and I like it so far. It is an encyclopedia of Star Trek information accessed using an LCARS styled interface. Several categories of information are available including Ships, Cast, Episodes, etc. Unfortunately there are no subcategories. The only choices of navigation with a category are scrolling through the long list or going to a letter of the alphabet using a bar along the side of the list. I also noticed that many of the items do not have images but instead have a thumbnail that says Image Not Available. I think not showing the thumbnail would have been better.



Another minor issue I found was that sometimes the item opens in a view that gives a larger amount of screen space to the text and sometimes the same item opens in a view that has a small amount of space for the text. Also sometimes the back button goes back to the list you were scrolling through and sometimes it carries you all the way back to the Home screen.




Hopefully these types of small issue will be fixed in an update. In its current form, I give Star Trek PADD 3.5 stars out of 5. I hope they add subcategories and fix the navigation glitches. I look forward to doing a full review later.


Randy Herring

Asgard Studios

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