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Spotify for iPhone - Another Look


Shortly after it was released in the US, I wrote a First Look post about Spotify. You can read my post here. During that initial look at Spotify I was very impressed with the service.


Now that I have spent several months using the iPhone app I find I still like the service, however I would like more from the Spotify app itself. While I like the app overall, I have several complaints. 


My first complaint is that the app is not available in an iPad version. I spend most of my time listening to Spotify on my iPad. Having to use the iPhone app on the iPad is not the optimal experience. Second while the Spotify app does a great job of letting you listen to the service, I wish it had a few more features that are available on the Mac version of Spotify. 


It would be great if the iPhone app had the Radio feature that is in the Mac app. Also, I would like the ability to sort the search results. In the Mac version of Spotify you can sort the search results by several categories, like Popularity. It would be nice to be able to do that in the iPhone app.


Overall, I still love Spotify and I am glad I purchased the Premium subscription. I recommend Spotify as as great way to discover new music.


I give the Spotify app 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Randy Herring

Asgard Studios

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