Windows Updated Jailbreak With Absinthe

The Time has finally arrived for windows users to get a simple jailbreak.  The Absinthe jailbreak was released for the mac yesterday.  I am glad to inform all the iPhonelife viewers the windows version is now available.  Simply, download the software to your computer, install, and jailbreak.  This is very simple, just a few clicks and your jailbroken.  The process will take around thirty minutes to complete.  Possibly longer should you have several hundred apps on the devices.  My iPhone 4S jailbreak took around thirty minutes to complete.  To download the Absinthe windows version click here.  Click here for the mac version.  I have included a couple videos below.  The first is a tutorial for windows users,  The second is some of my favorite tweaks.  Please leave a comment below of your favorite.  What do you think should be on the list.  Hope you enjoy the windows version.  This is for enjoyment purposes only.  Neither iPhonelife or myself assume any resposibility should you brick your device.  This is a very simple process but leave it to some knuckle head everytime.  Thanks










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