Turn iPad into Complete Entertainment System: Scosche BassDock

  The Scosche BassDock offers pounding bass and superb sound for the ipad.  It will accommodate either the ipad 1 or 2.  The adapter needed to secure the ipad is included with the BassDock.  We all know the sound quality of the ipad is a bit lacking to say the least.  However, equip the ipad with the BassDock and rock the entire office.  The Bassdock has two 1.6’’ speakers and a single 3-inch woofer for bass.  The stand can be tilted to prefer viewing angle.

  I listened to several different genres of music while using the BassDock.  They all had great highs and lows equally mixed throughout the different titles I tried.  The movie sound was almost like having a surround sound connected to the ipad while watching.  If you are wanting to improve the sound of your ipad I strongly recommend the Sosche BassDock.



·      Can be used with iPad 1 or 2

·      Landscape or Portrait Position

·      Superb Sound quality

·      Stand adjust for viewing angle

·      Securely holds device in place



The Sosche BassDock can be purchased at www.scosche.com for $149.  Turn your ipad into a complete entertainment system with the BassDock.  Feel free to leave any comments below. 



Mitch Stevens



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