Ten One Design Magnus iPad 2 Stand; Review

  Ten One Designs have released a magnetic stand for the iPad 2 called Magnus.  This stand holds the ipad 2 in landscape position magnetically.  It doesn’t require any thing hold the stand other than the magnetic strength from the stand itself.        

  The Magnus iPad 2 stand has a very low profile, which matches the color of the iPad 2 completely.  The Magnus can only be used without a case.  Personally, I have my iPad 2 protected inside some type of case at all times.  Looking from the front of the ipad stand it shows no visible support.  It looks as if the ipad 2 is suspended in mid air by itself.  The Magnus can only be used in landscape position also.  I have listed some of the pros and cons below.



Strong magnetic support

Almost invisible profile

Same color as iPad 2



May only be used without a case

Limited position orientation


The Magnus stand sales for around $50.  It can be purchased at www.tenonedesign.com.  Feel free to leave any comments below.



Mitch Stevens


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