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Sea Sucker iPad Stand Review

One of the best features of the iPad 2 is its thin diameter design.  Many users may not want to make the iPad bulky by adding a case.  If the user chooses not to add a case for extra protection or other purposes the Sea Sucker can be used for many reasons, such as a stand.  There are products on the market to use for a stand.  Sea Suckers are simply giant sized stoppers with a pump.  They have an air valve inside them to pump the air from between the Sea Sucker and the material it’s being attached to.  The Sea Suckers are the strongest seal I have ever seen.  They actually held a guy to the top of his car while driving the car down the road.  If that don’t show confidence in your product I don’t know what does.

The Sea Suckers have a flexible arm to adjust the iPad however needed.  The Sea Suckers have a visual marker to allow you to visually see when the seal is starting to leak or weaken.  To strengthen the seal simply pump the valve a couple times.  This product can be used for many other situations which include being used as an iPad stand.  The Sea Suckers can be purchased at www.appleMount.com starting at $64.99 and up.  Feel free to leave a comment below.


Mitch Stevens




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