Mosy Mount Tripod Adapter Case: Review


Many of the iPhone tripod mounting solutions only work for the iPhone 4, and/or require the iPhone be used without a case.  This leaves the iPhone exposed to unwanted harm.  The Mosy Mount features a pocket friendly low profile design making it attractive & convenient – it’s always there when you need it, but not in the way when you don’t.

The Mosy Mount comes with a simple snap-on case that has a rubberized texture and a light-weight, pocket-sized tripod that features a wide stance for stability and looks nice too. I also used a Mosy Mount on my iPad and by attaching the included tripod; it worked great as a kickstand, easily switching from portrait to landscape.  I must say it worked flawlessly on both devices. I have included some of the best features of the Mosy Mount below.


• The “candy bar” design allows the mount to be reshaped with a pair of scissors, so it can fit o the back of any smartphone, regardless of camera lens and flash positions.


• It can be applied to any device, even a tablet (iPad) or e-reader (Amazon Kindle) and any attached tripod can be used as a "kickstand" for unlimited comfort & ergonomic positioning.


• Low-profile means no bulkon your Smartphone; your hand barely comes in contact with it, if at all. On the iPad, its low-profile does not interfere with stashing my iPadin my book bag.


I'm told they've developed a new line of accessories to increase capabilities of the Mosy Mount, and that they'll be presented to the public for the first time at CES 2012 (booth#73310)


According to the makers of the Mosy Mount (Art4Media, LLC) the tripod and the iPhone case are provided only as a convenience, because the Mosy Mount’s simple design allows it to be used with anytripod or any Smartphone case. 
The Mosy Mount can be purchased at, starting at $7.95 for just the mount, up to $29.95 for a multi-piece “kit” which would make a great gift for the media savvy person on your gift list. 

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Mitch Stevens

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