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The Joy Factory Tournez C-Clamp Mount for iPad 2


The Joy Factory iPad 2 C-Clamp mount allows the user to secure the ipad 2 to any hard surface.  I have had the privilege of using this mount and it is great.  It makes using te ipad 2 in ant location much simpler.  I enjoy using my ipads 2 in many different locations.  This device allow me to always have it positioned the way I want.  I don't have to worry about knocking it off the table or desk.  It is always securely positioned to my best viewing position. 

  The thing I think of most when using this mount is how it could benefit people with different kinds of handicaps.  I for one have a n arm disability.  It helps me hold my ipad 2 when I need it the most.  I especially want to recommend this mount to people with a disability.  It would be ideal for users in a wheel chair even.  I can tell you from first hand experience I don't know what I did before getting this device to help hold my ipad 2.  I was always worried I would drop it or knock it off the desk or table I were I was working.

  This C-Clamp mount is a life saver for many users.  I would recommend this for anyone who gets tired of holding the ipad 2 all the time.  It's not just for people who have disabilities.  I didn't want to leave you with that impression.  this device is great for kids.  My daughter is always wanting to play with my ipad.  I admit I'm always worried she will drop it.  well not any more.  I lock it in the C-Clamp and my worries are gone.  She's happy to use dad's ipad and I don't worry about it getting the screen cracked from careless hands.  Here's a few of the best features about the mount.



Easy Use

Holds iPad 2

Clamps to any hard surface

Helps to Childproof the iPad LOL


Swivels to position however needed




Can't use a case with the C-Clamp mount


The only thing I don't like about the C-Clamp is not being able to use a case.  I think that can be adapted very simple by the manufactures.  They could add some type of adapter or provide a different head for securing devices with a case.  They have an awesome product.  I use a folio type case from Joy Factory also.  I just simply slide it out and snap it in the c-clamp.  It takes about twenty seconds to transition from the ipad case to the mount.  I really wouldn't wan't rot be without this after I have gotten use to having it.  If you want to buy a C-Clamp mount or one of their great ipad accessories visit www.thejoyfactory.com.  They have great products for iPad,iPhone, and more.  The C-Clamp mount sales for $89.99 and well worth it. 



Mitch Stevens


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