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App Review: IA Writer

i a writer iconIA writer is a text editor used to write or create a text document much faster.  Writers can use this application to edit imported and exported documents.  It's thought to not be distracting due to only having a select few of key functions in the application or tool bar.  The top row of keys on the keyboard is used for the most common key functions. Such as the colon, semicolon, quotations, parentheses, and arrow keys.  One of the best features I found using the text editor is the word function key.  Its used to find the beginning and end of words each time its tapped. It goes to the beginning or end of the word when tapped.  If the end of word function key is tapped, it goes directly to the end of the word. It works the same way for the beginning of word function key. It finds the beginning of the word. Anohter great feature is a word and character counter built in the tool bar at the top of the page.   Also, has an aoutomatic spell check built into the application.  If you mispell a word it will offer replacements as well as underline the misspelled word.
  IA Writer is linked with dropbox, which makes importing and exporting text documents  much faster and easier to accomplish. IA Writer is meant to keep your focus on what you are writing and less focus on all the tools used to format the text being written.  It has a time reader that shows approximately how long it will take to read what you have written.  It also has whats called, "Focus Mode".  This features focus on the last three lines written and blurs the remaining text. 

  If you plan to write a book or long articles, this is a great app for the job.  If you are looking for an app to format text and import photos into what you are writing,  I don't think this would satisfy the user needs.  However, I do see how this app offers many great features for writing and editing text. It may be purchased in the Apple app store fore $.99 for the ipad or Mac store for $17.99.  Not very expensive and well worth the buck for my needs.  Itunes link to purchase for ipad.




Mitch Stevens


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