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Speaking of Flash on Apple Devices, Hulu May Be Coming to the iPad (w00t!!!)

I was over on Wired's Gadget Lab blog when I noticed this little gem of information which they got from the LA Times

The rumors have been flying about a Hulu app on the iPad. Hulu is the number one reason that geeks complain about the lack of Flash support on Apple’s mobile devices, so if Hulu were to bring a native application to the TV-friendly iPad, it would be huge. And it might be happening soon.

The TV-streaming site, which serves on-demand content from Fox, ABC and NBC, will begin testing Hulu Plus on May 24th, according to the LA Times. The $10-per-month plan will give access to back-catalog shows as well as the current range of constantly disappearing and re-appearing new shows. The free model will remain unchanged.

In itself, this isn’t gadget news, but a for-pay Hulu clearly paves the way for iPad Hulu. Who wouldn’t pay $10 to toss out their cable-subscription and be able to watch any show whenever and wherever they like? It would certainly cut down on BitTorrent use. In fact, a subscription model for the iPad could be the thing that stops TV going the way of the music and movie industries. Just one thing, Hulu: when you release your iPad app, make sure that you enable the VGA-out option so we can hook up to the big screen. Oh, and hurry it up, y’hear?

While I am not a huge iPad fan (don't get me started...), can you imagine how cool it would have been to be able to whip it out at an airport during the recent travel disruption due to the volcano spewing ash and catch up on some great television eps or a few terrific movies? Much more fun than running your government from a hotel lounge don't you think? 


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