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Meet Patrick Timney, the Man Who Uncovered the App Store Review Scam

Patrick Timney

Patrick Timney (@thescw on twitter), the iPhone developer and beta tester who uncovered the large-scale App Store review scamming, has been getting a lot of well-deserved attention. Stories of his investigative work - which led to Apple pulling over 1,000 titles from the App Store (almost 1% of inventory) - have been picked up not just by tech and iphone blogs, but also by just about every major news outlet all over the in the world, including television stations and networks. Read iPhone Life's coverage. And watch this video interview:

I've now had the opportunity to chat with Patrick and I told him that I thought he was to be commended for bringing this sort scourge into the clear light of day. He's a very humble young man with strong principles. And while he wasn't looking for a reward, I think that Apple should think about giving him one (perhaps a shiny new MacbookPro?). He's helped their customers as well as the company itself by proactivelyworking to make sure the App Store retains integrity. By the way, th is opinion is solely mine, and not this publication's.

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