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App Review - Speed Tracker. GPS Speedometer and Trip Computer


AppAnnex has released the ultimate driving app for the iPhone. This is a GPS navigation app utility on top of a speed and mileage log. The amount of features offered is truly staggering. The GPS map tracker alone puts Apple's 'official 'Maps' app to shame. It actually allows you to track your current location via a map that you can click on from the main speedometer screen.

App Review - iTask


Keeping track of everything you have to do these days is hard!  Calendars are cumbersome and involve constant updating, crossing out and who/what is going to remind you to look at the calendar in the first place?!Your iPhone is most likely near you all the time, right?  You already know how to use the alarm, the timer, etc. Perhaps you even utilize the calendar feature as well. 

The iTask app aims to take control of your projects, your appointments and scheduling and allow you to control and keep track (this is an important point) of everything at each stage through completion.  As every good project manager knows, projects aren’t controlled and perfected by the end results alone, but by the milestones along the way.

App Review - Bricks Buster


Bricks Buster is a fun and challenging brick-breaking game for the iPhone. The game offers a nice variation of levels -- 20 in total so far-- with various challenges to overcome. There are even power-ups for you to grab during levels. For instance one power-up may add additional balls to your arsenal and this will eliminate bricks faster.

The bricks come in blue or red and I haven't notice a difference in the color variations. The goal of each level is to clear the walls of all bricks by shooting balls at them. If the ball escapes the paddle you are controlling, then you lose a life.

App Review - Learn English Reading Obama


Learn English Reading Obama is a language-learning app teaching Spanish, Italian, German, Russian or French speakers vocabulary words and phrases in English. The app gets its name from using President Obama’s inaugural speech from January 20, 2009 as a base for learning. Once a dictionary is selected from one of the supported languages listed above, the student can then use Obama’s speech to pick out sections they do not understand. The word in these highlighted sections will then be translated to the student’s native language.

App Review - The Great Contest


Everybody likes prizes, and everybody likes games, so wouldn't it be great to combine the two together in a fun sweepstakes app? This app does exactly that. The Great Contest is a subscription-based contest app that allows you to play fun games and be entered into drawings for real prizes. And these aren't just some lame "break-the-first-time-you-use-them" trinkets. This is a Great Contest, so why not have great prizes, such as Xbox Kinects, vacations, or even cold hard cash!

App Review - Hyper Facts


Random facts and quirky trivia are some of the best and most fun ways to spend time.  If you’ve ever tried to see how you’re connected to Kevin Bacon or riddled your brain to think of that cool, historical fact…then this is the kind of app that’s right up your alley.

However much I think I am a search engine master, I always find myself going down a few different avenues to see ‘what else’ I can find out.  The Hyper Facts app intriguingly blends well known resources such as Google, Google Maps (not just for creepy shots of your house), Wikipedia and other resources to cut through the clutter and find the information/trivia/facts (no matter how random) that you are looking for.

App Review- Ghostwriter Notes for iPad


Some people say that technologies like the tablet computer will change the world, specifically education, and apps like Ghostwriter Notes only support these statements.

App Review - Infinity Control for iPhone


Here is a quick glance on Infinity Control, a very interesting albeit repetitive line-drawing game. The game is set in space and has you controlling ship movements as you maneuver these space vessels around obstacles and space waste. You must guide them to landing spots on larger ships and keep them away from crashing to get higher scores.

The game also has different-colored ships – red and blue from what I’ve seen so far – and they must be guided to their own respective landing pods on their color’s mother ships. There are satellites that orbit around in space and you must guide the ships around them in order to avoid crashes. Asteroids also exist and you will be line-drawing the movement of ships around them as well.

iPhone App Review - ContactsXL 3 + Sync With Facebook


If you are looking for a new contacts app with more robust features than the standard iDevice app from Apple, then check out the 'ContactsXL 3 + Sync With Facebook' app. This is a contact and management app brought to you by developer Jonathan Teboul. It offers various features and customization option that the standard app doesn't and is a good replacement for it.

Atomania iPhone App Review


Atomania is a new iPhone puzzle game based on chemistry that was developed by Stanislav Ustymenko. The game has you form molecules from atoms, or elements, by sliding them together depending on the fit and type of molecule involved. The atoms go together in different ways. They each have an indicator or slider-bar coming out from one of the atom's four cardinal directions. This is how the atom will fit into another atom and so on. Some atoms have to be positioned from above or below in order to fit into another atom. Others have to be positioned laterally from left or right.

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