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App Review - My Virtual Boyfriend



My Virtual Boyfriend is the latest dating sim from Wet Productions Inc. The game offers 3D visuals and humor for gamers looking at meeting a virtual boyfriend. It is really aimed at girls but it can be enjoyed by anyone. There are various male classes with their own personalities to choose from, for your virtual boyfriend in the game. Examples include a geek or a metrosexual, but there are many others as well. You can also fully customize your male date from their hair, clothing, face and name.

Trighede iPhone App Review



The match three genre takes a large twist with a new title on the App Store. Trighede is a uniquely made, "free"mium based puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Yo-Yos and iPhone gaming come together with bright artwork to create a wonderful visual and puzzling experience here that is sure to satisfy...for a few play-through at-least.

Voypi App Review



Do you wish your calls and text messages were free regardless of your location in the world or time zone? Voypi allows iPhone users to do this hassle-free and without any sort of contracts or limitations that many free services require. The only catch is that it only works with users who also have the app installed. Besides the iPhone, the app supports hand sets with Android 2.2 or higher. Blackberry support is also coming soon. Whether your friends have an iPhone or not, doesn't really matter with Voypi.

App Review - System Status



Do you want to look at your iDevice's memory usage and be able to tell if your system is running error free? How about checking how long your iDevice has been turned on and used by you during the day? With Techet's System Status -- device activity monitor app, you can. This is the ultimate iDevice system information utility -- which tracks, monitors and even assists in finding the most efficient way to run your iDevice. It does this by showing you an event log and allows you to monitor a wide range of task running in the background of your system.

App Review for Period Pace


Appealing to females who want to keep track of their menstrual cycles, Period Pace [FREE] is most definitely a top-contender. Why? Its easy-to-use interface and features that give you the best estimates make it an ideal application, especially considering it's absolutely free to download.

Coming from iPhone developer Aesop, who specializes in the making of applications appealing mostly to just-married couples, and helping with care of a newborn child, Period Pace certainly is the solution to tracking your periods.

MobiReader Pro App Review


MobiReader Pro is a business card recognition app for the iPhone. It stores, saves, and acts as a file management for your business card (or cards) that you own. You simply go into the scan option within the app and your iPhone will snap an image of a card (or document); and then you can store it. Information will also be imported into an address book so you can keep track of various contacts. The app will even convert cards (or documents) with images and graphics into PDF files. This is called OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and this app uses it to the fullest. MobiReader Pro is especially useful for those of you who have multiple business cards and are always running out of physical cards.

App Review - SelloBy


Whether you're looking to sell something, looking to buy something or are simply looking for a service, Selloby [Free] is probably the best way to do it - from your iPhone, at-least. Though it's currently still at its infancy, the service is much like a CraigsList alternative and somewhat like an eBay spinoff.

App Review - Nikki Holiday and the Pirate Star


Released earlier this month, Nikki Holiday and the Pirate Star is yet another point-and-click adventure game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Available for only one dollar, the application takes you through the few days leading up to main character, Nikki's, fame as a singing celebrity. There are currently a whole bunch of similar titles able to be purchased on the App Store, but this certainly takes the cake.

Despite the popularity of other games soaring high, I have to say that Nikki and the Pirate Star was undoubtedly the most amount of fun I've had with point-and-click games as such. I'm not a huge puzzle buff nor am I a fan of such titles, but this truly won over my free time over the past few days.

App Review - Rollover


I love old school pinball games.  There’s just something about these vintage games that brings you back to your youth-even if you are way too young to remember these (and I’m including myself in those ranks). 

Rollover contains that iconic bit of the freestanding gaming, the eternally beloved shiny metal ball.  Like any good game though, Rollover takes the best of what we loved before and adapts it to the current technology-the iPhone. The objective of rollover is to get past blocks and other objects while keeping the ball on the board and avoiding those pesky holes.  All right, so this part isn’t new, but you get the idea.

App Review - Rule the Sky


I don't know about any of you guys, but one of my childhood dreams was to live on a floating island in the sky. Well JCE must have read my mind or something, because now there is a new game on iOS that lets you do just that.

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