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iNibby Nibble App Review



This is a remake of a classic Amiga game called Nibby Nibble. The visuals in iNibby Nibble are more refined than the classic version as there are more curved surfaces rather than levels made up of square grids (for the outer walls). The level backgrounds in iNibby Nibble don't really move and seem pre-rendered. 

Vegas Sports App Review



Vegas Sports provides the best and most organized way to keep track of all your bets.  This includes game, series, teams, and even friendly bets with the basic calculating components to follow your winnings.  It is the ultimate app for a serious gambler who has endless spreadsheets and would like to organize their statistics a little better.  Besides; it clearly helps when contacting your bookie for the next successful bet. 

Thierry Mugler – Angel; App Review



Thierry Mugler has created an app that serves more purpose than just advertisement; it actually appeals to the mass with its unique and posh features.  The quality of app is actually very good with different effects that keep it entertaining.  It’s obvious that the creators put some effort into the overall design. 

App Review - Chopsticks Culture



Chopsticks Culture provides the exact benefit that it offers; a way to learn more about Asian styled recipes.  This app is designed to teach people how to say an Asian dish in Mandarin and Cantonese as well as be able to determine the name by appearance.  In other words, everyone has heard of the Peking duck dish; but do you know what it looks like?  In fact, would you be able to guess the English name of every Asian dish shown during a quiz?  Chopsticks Culture tests that theory and actually has a game to document progress.

App Review - Urban Rivals


Freemium games have certainly escalated throughout the existence of the App Store. The model is cheap[er] for developers, and most games like such are a big hit among iPhone gamers who can't quite spend money to whet their gaming needs. Another application like described, is Urban Rivals. You can download it on the App Store absolutely free but only for a limited time.

App Review - iSeekLaw



For those of you looking for an attorney in your area, this app should be of use to you. It will help you find attorneys related to a wide variety of practices related. Whether you want an attorney specializing in litigation, employment, or criminal cases, this app will help you. It allows you to search for attorneys specializing in a wide range of practices. However, you can't pick criminal charges like murder or assault from the menu as a way to find criminal attorneys. You must just select "criminal" from the search field. The civil cases seem to be more varied as you can select from class-action litigation to other specialties.

GemPang for iPhone - App Review


Gempang is a charming match-three game developed by BITPlus Inc. The object of the game is to click on similar-looking monsters and have them burst by dragging them onto a central water monster called "Aquose." Aquose eats them and they burst. When the player clicks on matching monsters, they become linked by a water line of sorts and no matter how far away they are from Aquose, they can be sent toward him. Players do this by dragging them as a group toward Aquose.

Defen-G Astro iPhone App Review



Do you have the skill needed to defend the Tower of Atia from the attackers? In other words, the world is in your hands and if you can't handle it, then Defen-G Astro [$2.99] probably isn't your cup of tea. Otherwise, even though it's an overused cliche on the App Store, it still proves to be an interesting genre when developers apply their personality to it - take control of the defenders, and defend the all-so powerful tower in this strategic solution to any boring moments.

App Review - iPolygon


A logic and action-based puzzler, iPolygon, has recently been released as a universal app on the App Store.

The game has been designed to be played in the portrait orientation mode with the player either relying on swipes or gyroscope controls.  Gameplay revolves around a ricochet mechanic.

The aim of each level is to keep a moving ball inside a structure full of colorful walls while breaking all the walls in each level. This means that  players want to hit the walls and break them, but keep the ball constantly moving; and not fall off the edge of the structures' walls into space. There are also two smaller power-up orbs available that stay stationary.

The Exonerator App Review



The Exonerator is a tracking app that lets you track the movements of an iDevice owner, or yourself, as long as it is installed and running in the background. The app has a simple design and its function is straightforward. The interface is not cluttered in any way and there are just a couple of options for you to tinker with.

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