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Really enjoy reading on iPhone 4

I actually got an iPhone 4, yesterday, a day early due to some lucky mail fluke. Today I tried FaceTime with blogger Todd Bernhard. Todd will probably write about it here and/or in our next issue. I also used the flash in the camera. I liked both features, although both have a ways to go. However, what I was most impressed with based on what I will get the most use of is the ebook reading experience.

The HD screen on the iPhone 4 REALLY makes a difference. I was in the middle of a novel that I was reading on my iPad. I mistakenly left my iPad at work, so in bed I pulled out my new iPhone 4. I loaded yesterday's upgrade of the Kindle. I quickly downloaded my novel, and I was reading where I had left off. To my surprise I enjoyed reading the ebook more on my iPhone 4 than my iPad. The iPad is a little too heavy and awkward, especially compared to the iPhone 4 now that the characters are so readable in HD.

On my iPad I go back and forth between reading books in iBooks and Kindle. Which is better?  I am a long time Amazon customer, Amazon more likely has what I want in eBook format, and ebooks are less expensive on Amazon. On the other hand on the iPad, I liked experience of reading 2 short pages in landscape mode. Also, the look of the more colorful iBooks app (with support of color) is more pleasing. Finally, although coming soon with Kindle, I like the dictionary feature in iBooks, which let's you look up word.

Basically, I've found it doesn't make much difference between Kindle and iBooks. After 15 minutes, whatever I use becomes my favorite. In both cases I am almost like reading books on the iPhone 4 as much as having a physical book. I thought I'd never say that.

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